Key competencies

Socio-Anthropology of Development & Political Economy Analysis

  • Ability to lead and design research projects (mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative, participatory and inclusive approach)
  • Data visualisation
  • Training (data collection and analysis)
  • Capitalisation and Knowledge Management (publication and editing of reports/articles/books in French and English, use of ICT tools in learning process)
  • Experience in implementing development, health and migration-related projects (disability and inclusion, innovation, economic development, diasporas, migration, gender, human trafficking and modern slavery).
  • Policy analyst (social impact studies, social economy, gender studies, social and urban development, Chinese migration and investment in Southeast Asia)
  • A strong track record in conducting research and analysis, combining primary and secondary sources to produce high-quality reports and other outputs (academic research, research-oriented, policy focused and field-based interventions).
  • Capacity to work autonomously as well as with highly diverse people and across a diversity of contexts.
  • Skills in fundraising (identification of new opportunities and writing research proposals).


Data analysis and visualisation / Academic editing:

  • FDI & Social Impact. Lessons for Tunisia. Social Impact Assessment in 5 Key Sectors (ICT, Automative Industry, Pharmaceutical Sector, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy), funded by Expectation State
  • Analyse de l’économie politique à la frontière tuniso-libyenne, funded by PNUD Tunisie, projet Tarabot, 2020-2021
  • Analyse des capacités d’action et d’influence des centres d’analyse publics et des « think tanks » privés à vocation économique en Tunisie, funded by ECDPM, 2020.

  • Evaluation of international applications to the Undergraduate College

  • Design and writing of the proposal “Asia Pacific Research and Advice Network” (APRAN) funded by the European Union as part of its Foreign Policy Instrument. This project aimed to promote EU interests in its relations with Asia-Pacific partners (bilateral and regional) by facilitating the adoption of a more focused, long-term vision in different policy areas.

  • Evaluation of the gender-oriented project “Support for Income-Generating Activities for Craftswomen in poor neighborhoods of Fez” (Morocco).